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Women’s History Month

From breaking barriers on the battlefield and reaching new heights in space to redefining roles for future generations yet to come, our country and our communities are shaped by the contributions and legacy of women.
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Women Veteran Success Stories

Read three inspiring true stories about the successes of women veterans in Arizona.
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Healing Moral Injury

Unlike physical injuries, where the wound is visible, moral injury is an invisible battle scar that many service members and veterans carry silently, often struggling to share or articulate their experiences due to fear of judgment or misunderstanding.
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Free Tuition for Veteran Spouses

The Arizona Coalition for Military Families proudly supports the efforts of the Arizona Board of Regents to help connect the spouses of veterans with free tuition to Arizona’s universities and participating community colleges.
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Legal Assistance for Veterans

Ahead of the Maricopa County Veteran StandDown, veterans in the Maricopa County area can access free legal assistance from February 15 to March 18, 2024.
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Coaching Into Connection - handshake between two people

Coaching Into Connection

One of the most unique aspects of the "Coaching Into Connection" program is its heart - our Connection Coaches are veterans themselves.
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Friends in a group

Connection Coaching in Action

Coaching Into Connection is about veterans helping veterans, creating a ripple effect of positive connection across Arizona.
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We are hiring - woman at desk

We are hiring in the Phoenix area.

We are expanding our exceptional team! The Arizona Coalition for Military Families is looking to add a team member in the Phoenix, Arizona area as a Connection Coach.
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Force Protection: Our View

In addition to the risks posed to physical security, allowing external entities unrestricted access to military installations and personnel poses a threat to this well-being. These organizations, though sometimes well-intentioned, can use unscrupulous tactics and have a sharper focus on meeting quotas rather than genuinely serving the needs of our military personnel.
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Accuracy of Stats: Our View

Inaccurate or overly generalized suicide statistics pose significant dangers. They can lead to misguided policies, misallocation of resources, and, most tragically, ineffective interventions that fail to address the unique needs of our community.
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