2023 Survey Results


Announcing the Release of the 2023 Arizona Veteran Survey Results

The 2023 Arizona Veteran Survey results are now available! This marks the fourth iteration of the survey, collaboratively conducted by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families (ACMF) and Arizona State University College of Health Solutions with generous support provided by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family, and the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services.

The 2023 survey has been our most comprehensive to date, receiving nearly 9,000 responses from all 15 counties in Arizona. Building on the foundation of the three previous surveys (released in 2017, 2019, and 2021), the 2023 survey includes questions from past surveys along with new topics that address emerging trends and needs identified from earlier results.

Survey Results

Purpose and Impact
The biennial Arizona Veteran Survey is an instrument to gain deeper insight into the needs and challenges faced by Arizona’s military and veteran populations. The findings are vital in assessing existing support, programs, and resources as well as improving the future of this care.

The data collected will be utilized to formulate recommendations for suicide prevention strategies and to identify pressing needs that can guide the development and implementation of programs designed to reduce disparities in suicide rates among service members and veterans in Arizona. 

Upstream Approach
The Arizona Coalition for Military Families and the Be Connected program employ an upstream approach to suicide prevention. This means that the services and programs offered through the Be Connected Ecosystem of Support address holistic health from employment, benefits, finances, housing, physical and mental wellness, and much more.

An upstream approach to suicide prevention works to identify and address stressors that can balloon into crises that can lead to suicide. Upstream prevention is an approach that works in conjunction with crisis intervention, which is where people can find themselves if stressors are not addressed early on. Crisis intervention is an important part of the spectrum of suicide prevention but involves timing intervention when someone is in crisis. Upstream prevention works to head off the crisis – allowing for more time and more options to work with someone to solve their issue and address the situation.

With the information provided by Arizona’s service members, veterans, and their families and the groundbreaking work we’re leading through the Arizona Veteran Suicide Mortality Review Team, we can identify these stressors early and provide solutions to prevent suicide.

Explore the Data
We invite all service members, veterans, family members, and community stakeholders to explore the detailed findings of this important survey. Your engagement is crucial in helping us transform these insights into actionable strategies that are tailored to Arizonans’ needs.

We thank the thousands of service members, veterans, their family members, and community members who contributed their experiences and made their voices heard.

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