Areas of Focus

The Be Connected Ecosystem of Support includes ten different areas of focus for service members, veterans and their families. At any one time, individuals and families can have a need to focus on one or a combination of areas to address their stress, reduce barriers or to pursue new opportunities. 

The ten areas of focus include:

Ensuring that basic daily needs are met, including food security, affording housing, meaningful employment and healthy relationships and support systems are in place.

Providing access to meaningful employment, including transitioning from military service, resume assistance, interview preparation and advancing skills and career opportunities.

Working to build, maintain and grow healthy relationships with family, friends and those closest in the orbit of the veteran and service members no matter where they are located.

Assistance with understanding, navigating and securing the benefits that the service member, veteran and their family members have earned through their service including financial, disability and medical support.

Expanding the knowledge, skills and expertise of veterans, service members and their families through higher education to maximize learning and earning potential.

Securing access to affordable, permanent housing to provide stability, security and promote ongoing health.

Supporting the needs of justice-involved veterans, service members, and their families to provide counsel and resolution.

Managing the unique and specific needs of the individual to address the immediate requirements and work toward long-term success.

Supporting total body wellness including nutrition, exercise and ensuring all of the appropriate partners are coordinating total care.

Promoting the sense of connectedness, faith and thoughts that provide reassurance, hope and a system of beliefs and values.

Our Be Connected team is here to support you, your family and/or those you are helping with connection to resources and navigation. Contact the team today at 866-429-8387 (available Mon-Fri from 8 AM – 5 PM).

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