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Real People, Real Successes

The following are real stories of successful outcomes of people in Arizona who have been helped through the Coaching Into Connection program.

The support line offers no-cost, confidential resource navigation services and support to Arizona service members, veterans, and their families. It is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST and is closed on federal holidays.

Restoring Trust: Veterans Find Hope Through Compassionate Coaching at Be Connected

A Connection Coach recently worked with two veterans as part of the Coaching Into Connection program offered by Be Connected. Both veterans shared a common struggle: the difficulty in trusting people and systems after being let down in the past. One veteran voiced their initial fear of opening up to new people, particularly when seeking personal help. However, this fear began to dissipate due to the genuine compassion and support demonstrated by every Be Connected employee they encountered. The other veteran expressed their deep-seated hesitation in trusting services and systems again. Yet, the kindness and understanding they experienced through Be Connected restored their sense of safety and trust. For the first time in a long while, these veterans felt empowered to advocate for themselves, crediting the unwavering support they received through the Coaching Into Connection program.

Veterans Connect Over Shared Stories of Military Life

For the past few months, a Connection Coach has been dedicated to supporting two elderly veterans who deeply missed the camaraderie of their military days. They needed social connection. Recognizing their challenges, the Connection Coach arranged transportation for one veteran who was unable to drive and coordinated a lunch meeting where the two could reconnect over shared experiences. By joining them at lunch, the coach facilitated the initial steps in building a new friendship with the hopes that the veterans would continue meeting, tackling their social isolation while making a new friend who has a lot in common. The luncheon was a resounding success, with both veterans expressing gratitude for the chance to reminisce about “the good old Army days” and enjoy each other’s company. This work is part of the Coaching Into Connection program offered by Be Connected.  

How a Connection Coach Helped a Veteran Restore Order and Peace at Home

A Connection Coach recently met in person with a veteran who had just joined the Coaching Into Connection Program. This veteran, grappling with the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, expressed a strong desire to bring order to their personal space but felt overwhelmed about where to begin. The coach visited the veteran’s home, assisting in organizing their garage and documenting each step to aid the veteran’s memory. After this hands-on support, the veteran conveyed a profound sense of relief, saying they could finally “breathe in their own space again.”

From Isolation to Inspiration: Veteran Embraces Life Beyond Phobias with Coaching Support

A connection coach met with a veteran outside their home. This veteran came to the Coaching Into Connection program because they needed help fixing their laptop. The Connection Coach learned that this veteran lives with many phobias that make navigating their experiences difficult at times and create isolation from the outside world. Since joining the Coaching Into Connection program, this veteran has gained grant funding for their laptop, restored rapport with services and systems, and has begun to live again. During a second visit to the veteran’s home, the Connection Coach saw how the veteran survived within their home by creating a bunker around themself to feel safe. By the end of the visit, the veteran expressed the realization that they had “been surviving life and not living.” The Connection Coach challenged the veteran to open one box from the collection in their home by the next visit. The veteran responded by stating that “no one had ever challenged me that way, and to be faced with it is exciting and not scary” as it had been before.

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