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Veteran Receives New A/C Unit

Rosemarie and Richard St. Michael have been living with a run down air conditioning unit for more than a decade. “We have been here for twelve years and almost every month the AC is to have repairs and always breaks down. It was always hot in the house – over 105 degrees. Even after the repair, it was 83 degrees,” ...
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Checking In About Recent Events

Please check in on your military-connected employees and community members during this time of uncertainty related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The military-connected community is a proud group that is known for their service and willingness to help others. However, this same group often hesitates to ask for help or assistance. They believe that someone else is always more ...
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A Conversation with Dr. Jon Perez

A founding member of the Secure Your Weapon development team discusses how he coined the phrase and shares how the initiative was born. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars and years of effort have gone into veteran suicide prevention, without much positive movement. Clearly something was missing. But what, and how to address it? Two years ago, a couple of ...
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