Be Connected puts the Ecosystem of Support into action with our navigation services provided by phone, online and in-person. All service members, veterans, family members, caregivers and helpers are encouraged to reach out. Our team is here for you!

Support Line

An Arizona-based team is available by phone at 866-429-8387 (Mon-Fri from 8 AM – 5 PM) to answer questions and connect people to resources and support. If all team members are on calls, messages are returned within one business day.

Resource Matching Portal

The Be Connected portal includes over 2,800 resources statewide. These resources are matchable based on a person’s individual situation and over 200 possible criteria. Explore what’s available.

Community Navigators

Be Connected includes a team of navigators that live and work in communities statewide. They provide support to assess needs, reduce barriers and help people to connect to care and resources. Call the support line to connect to the navigator team.



Please fill out the form below to obtain Be Connected materials. One of our team members will be in contact with you shortly. Please contact ACMF at if you have any questions.



Success Stories!

Making Repairs

A VA social worker called the Be Connected support line looking for help for a veteran in a rural community who had gone blind and needed to relocate their motorhome to Phoenix. The motorhome was in disrepair and needed a lot of work. The support line was able to connect the veteran to Be Connected partner organizations to help fund the repairs and to a local Veteran Service Organization to coordinate the transport of the motorhome, helping the veteran get to where they needed to be.

Essential Pet Care

A veteran reached out because he needed help caring for a pet. The Be Connected support line team was able to connect the veteran to a volunteer in his community to help with the pet care. As the volunteer and veteran talked further, it emerged that the veteran was delaying entering a month-long substance abuse treatment program because he didn’t have anyone to watch the pet. The volunteer offered to watch the pet and as a result, the veteran was able to get the treatment he needed.

Safe at Home

An elderly, widowed veteran in northwest Arizona was experiencing homelessness and struggling to find housing. She had three dogs and could not locate a rental that would allow her pets. A Be Connected navigator was able to help the veteran find a landlord that would allow all three dogs. The navigator then helped get the veteran a landline in her new home, as well as arranging for food stamps and assisting her with a pension claim. The veteran told the navigator’s supervisor that, “I was at the end. If it wasn’t for the navigator, I wouldn’t be here.”

Coordinating Care

A veteran was referred to Be Connected for several needs, the most important of which was a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. The veteran had a fiduciary who handled his finances, however, the fiduciary was not responding to calls from the veteran, the veteran’s sister or Be Connected. The Be Connected support line team member reached out to his mental health case manager who helped switch the veteran to a new fiduciary. That fiduciary was able to help purchase the new air conditioning unit needed for his room. While this veteran has a lot of support in place, coordinating those supports was essential to ensure his needs were met. The veteran’s sister later called the support line to express how thankful she was for all of the help Be Connected provided the veteran.

Working Together to Extend Support

A veteran in northeastern Arizona called an Arizona@Work employment team member expressing he had the intent to die by suicide. The veteran said he only trusted that person and the local Be Connected navigator. The Arizona@ Work team member and Be Connected navigator worked together to help the veteran and were able to deescalate the situation and get him the resources and support needed, preventing suicide.


Support and connection to resources are provided by the Be Connected team at no cost to everyone in the community. We’re here for you, call Be Connected today at 866-429-8387!

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