Success Stories December 2022


Volunteering for Fellow Veterans

A veteran advocate expressed a desire to support veterans in her community. After discussion with the Be Connected team, the opportunity to help veterans with transportation to address life needs was identified. This will include transportation to doctor appointments, the grocery store, meetings, and other social events. She is thrilled to serve her community in this way. 

Connection to Tutoring Service

An Air Force service member reported that her child had fallen behind in school due to relocation required by military service. The Be Connected support line team was able to connect the service member’s child with a tutoring service that has partnered with the Department of Defense and offers 24/7 tutoring for dependents in all subjects. The service member was extremely thankful for the connection to this great resource for her child to help make the transition into the new school and community a little easier.

Financial and Food Assistance for a Father of Three

A combat veteran who is a father of three called in need of financial assistance. He expressed that after paying rent and utilities, there was little money left to put food on the table for his family. While the veteran expressed embarrassment over the financial need, there is never any need to feel that way when calling the Be Connected support line at 866-4AZ-VETS (866-429-8387). The professional, caring local support team understands what it is like to face hardships because many of them are in this caring role because they are either veterans themselves or come from a military family background. The support line team reassured this father, who had never asked for assistance before, and spent time thanking him for working hard, reaching out, and supporting his family. The father was connected to food and financial services. The veteran was thankful for someone to listen, encourage and help care for his family.

Transitioning from the U.S. Navy to Civilian Life in Arizona

Providing support for service members to successfully transition from military service into civilian life is an important part of the work of the Be Connected team. Recently, a service member ready to conclude her active duty service called the Be Connected support line to inquire about the available support for this milestone in her military career. The team helped the soon-to-be veteran work through the steps to transition out of the United States Navy and return to civilian life in Arizona. The team also explained the services available at no cost through the Be Connected program. The team provided a list of suggested actions for the Navy service member to take through this transition period. The Be Connected team met weekly to work through the transition plan that allowed the service member to feel confident about her plan to start a new chapter. She expressed extreme gratitude to the Be Connected team for helping her successfully navigate this transition.

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