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The Be Connected Career Navigation Team Visits Palo Verde

Members of the Be Connected Career Navigation team made a recent visit to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station to highlight the significance of fostering strong partnerships between employers and the Arizona Coalition for Military Families’ Be Connected program. 

During the visit to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, team members Sonia, Cesar, and Emory gained insights into the site’s operations and its workforce, which includes a significant number of veterans. As an advocate and professional career counselor, the team understands the wealth of skills and invaluable experience that veterans add to any organization.

We’re grateful for their willingness to partner with the Coalition to expand the veterans in their employee base and to provide their veteran employees with access to the support and resources available through Be Connected. These collaborations not only enhance the workplace environment for veteran employees but also contribute to their successful integration and well-being in civilian careers.

Arizona Veteran Supportive Employers

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, like so many other organizations across Arizona, plays a crucial role in the Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer (AVSE) initiative, detailed at www.connectveterans.org/AVSE. Through this program, employers commit to hiring, developing, and supporting veteran employees as well as work to create and foster policies and practices that support the needs of military-affiliated employees such as Guard and Reserve members and military spouses. By becoming an AVSE, organizations commit to becoming more attuned to the challenges faced by veterans and their families. This not only aids in creating a supportive working environment but also enhances the organization’s ability to attract and retain skilled veteran employees.

One of the key resources available to any employer is the Be Connected program. This initiative offers a cost-free partnership that provides access to a comprehensive support system for military-affiliated employees and their families. By collaborating with Be Connected, employers like the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station can arrange workshops and other educational opportunities that inform their veteran workforce about the resources available to them.

These resources are designed to address various aspects of a veteran’s life, from mental health and wellness to career development and community integration. For employers, this partnership represents a valuable tool in supporting their employees, enhancing job satisfaction, and ultimately improving productivity and retention rates.

When employers become an AVSE and participate in the Be Connected program, they contribute to a larger ecosystem of support that benefits not only their employees but the community as a whole. These relationships are essential for building a supportive environment that acknowledges the contributions and sacrifices of service members, veterans, and their families

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