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The Arizona Coalition for Military Families wants to know about your successes and the impact you are making in Arizona. We firmly believe that every act of service creates a ripple of positive change. That’s why we want to highlight how your dedication and support have transformed the lives of Arizona’s service members, veterans, and their families, turning challenges into victories. This space is dedicated to broadcasting these transformative stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Story Matters. Whether you’re a service member who’s triumphed over adversity, a veteran who’s successfully transitioned to civilian life, or a family member who’s been a steadfast support system, your story can be a guiding light for others. Share your journey and let it be a force for good.

Sharing these stories highlights the resilience and strength of our service members, veterans, and their families. These authentic stories of triumph are a source of inspiration while offering hope and guidance to others facing similar challenges. Sharing and reading success stories can be therapeutic, offering a sense of community and understanding.

Success stories provide real-life examples of how peers have been successful in addressing adversity in their lives. This in turn fosters a sense of what is possible for others and can even motivate others facing similar situations to reach out for support.

Absolutely. Every story has the power to touch lives, illustrate how the Be Connected program can work for them, and provide encouragement.

Are personal details necessary? No. We ask that no identifying details be provided to maintain anonymity. Use general descriptors such as:

  • A member of the Arizona National Guard serving in Phoenix …
  • An Air Force veteran who recently moved to Arizona …
  • The wife of an active duty Marine was facing …

The focus should be on the journey and the success achieved. We encourage positivity and respect for privacy. Detailed guidelines are provided on our submission page.

We welcome a range of stories, from overcoming challenges, growing the Be Connected network in the community, volunteering for events, and taking training to better support service members, veterans, and their families as well as the anonymized stories of direct service providers who leveraged the Be Connected program to provide support.

After reviewing the story to ensure that it meets our criteria for anonymity, we will post it to our blog and promote it as a success on our social media channels.

Inspire a Journey

Your experience could be the guiding star for someone in need. Let’s unite in celebrating and supporting our service members, veterans, and their families. Share your success story today and be a part of our online community offering hope and inspiration.

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