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Whether you have served a few years or a few decades, separating from the military can be filled with challenges. The journey from military service to civilian employment can be made a bit easier with the help of our Be Connected Career Navigation team and the SkillBridge program.

Open to service members, including Guard and Reserve, SkillBridge offer an opportunity for the transitioning from military duty to work at a civilian employer for up to 180 days during the last six months of your military service – with command approval. The program, funded by the United States Department of Defense, provides advantages to the participating service member, their family and the participating employers.

SkillBridge can provide a unique opportunity to gain civilian work experience with a trusted, veteran-friendly employer. Rather than being a time of uncertainty and stress, a SkillBridge placement can be a smart and strategic way to discover the next step in your career journey. Working for a civilian employer can provide a way to enhance your marketability by addressing a gap in civilian work experience on a mostly military resume.

Be Connected works with employers and the military installation to facilitate SkillBridge placements for any service member stationed anywhere in the world who is interested in coming to Arizona to start their civilian career.

SkillBridge for Service Members

As a SkillBridge participant, you’ll get a foot-in-the-door of an industry with a veteran supportive employer in a position that can help you discover new skills and even a new career path. You’ll be building a network of contacts outside of your military circle while discovering new possibilities in a supportive environment with an employer that is seeking your valuable and unique skills. Since the SkillBridge placement is approved by your command and funded by the Department of Defense, you won’t be forced to choose to earn a paycheck or learn. SkillBridge is one way to help ease your transition from military service into the civilian workforce so you can plan for the next phase of life after the military.

SkillBridge for Employers

Some of the world’s most highly-trained workforce members are right here in Arizona and in search of their next opportunity – a civilian career. Employers that capture these veterans add a unique, valuable, and difficult-to-duplicate competitive edge. Veterans have an enormous amount of training, skills, and experience that position them to be able to handle challenges with the resourcefulness and focus that is a valuable derivative of military service.SkillBridge provides a no-risk avenue for employers to access highly trained, skilled workers who come with a variety of experiences in decision-making, teamwork, and navigating situations.  

We do not accept fees of any kind for our SkillBridge program keeping us free of conflicts of interest. There is no cost for Be Connected Career Navigation services.

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