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The phrase “Secure Your Weapon!” is a deeply ingrained military term, instantly recognizable to anyone who has served. It emphasizes a fundamental military principle: your weapon (firearm) must always be under your direct control or safely stored and locked. In the military, this practice is not just recommended but required, with standards often dictating multiple locks. This rigorous training ensures that securing your weapon becomes second nature, performed instinctively and without hesitation.

We are committed to promoting this vital safety practice throughout the community by offering Arizona service members, veterans and their family members a free gun lock and providing public education about the benefits of practicing a military standard of securing weapons.

Community Presentations

A presentation by Jon Perez and Kelli Williams: Strategies for Reducing Gun Related Suicides Among Veterans

A presentation by Jon Perez and Kelli Williams: Promoting Proper Weapon Safety and Storage in Homes and Communities.

A conversation with Dr. Jon Perez about Secure Your Weapon

Frequently Asked Questions

The “Secure Your Weapon” campaign promotes the safe storage of firearms among service members, veterans, and the community. It emphasizes the importance of keeping firearms under direct control or securely locked to prevent accidents and reduce suicide rates.

Through the Secure Your Weapon program, a free gun lock is available to Arizona residents who are service members (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve), veterans or the family members of a service member or veteran.

Arizona residents who are service members (Active Duty, Guard and Reserve), veterans and their family members can request a free gun lock by filling out the request form while supplies last. Proof of military service/affiliation and Arizona residency may be required.

Firearm safety is crucial to prevent accidental injuries and reduce the risk of suicide. Secure storage practices, such as locking firearms, are essential in maintaining a safe environment and safe communities.

No, this program is not about reducing gun rights. Secure Your Weapon was created by veterans for veterans, service members, and their families as a safety campaign. It is designed to promote safe firearm storage practices to protect service members, veterans and their families from accidental injuries and suicides.

First and foremost, Secure Your Weapon is designed to save lives. Other goals of the program include:

  • Raising awareness of safety measures for securing and locking firearms to improve safety in the community.
  • Reinforcing safe weapon storage and handling etiquette.
  • Encouraging service members and veterans to teach others safe weapons handling and storage etiquette, sharing their military standards and experience.
  • Strengthening the community’s posture toward weapon safety by encouraging safe weapon handling and storage dialogue, training and practices.



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