Who can be a helper in the Be Connected Ecosystem of Support? Everyone!

To reach, and support the 500,000 service members, veterans and their families who call Arizona home, we need everyone in our community equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help.

Join the thousands of people across Arizona who have taken the steps to equip themselves as an open door for all who serve and their families. That way, when you are in a position to be an open door for someone, you’ll be ready!

And it’s important to note that at any one time we can be a person who needs help and support and we can be a person who gives help and support. 


Here are more examples of helpers:

        • Healthcare providers
        • Service animals/pets
        • Educators
        • Behavioral health providers
        • Mentors
        • Peer support providers
        • Social workers
        • Friends
        • Neighbors
        • Navigators
        • Coworkers & supervisors
        • Faith-based community members
        • Volunteers 
        • And more!



What are some ways to get involved?

SHARE – Program 866-4AZ-VETS (429-8387) into your phone, and share the contact with anyone in Arizona who needs support and connection to resources.

LEARN – Equip yourself to be an open door and a community helper. There are many options for online learning from Be Connected and our partner organizations.
ENGAGE – Organizations are invited to become Be Connected partner organizations and Arizona Veteran Supportive Employers. Be a part of supporting all who serve!


Ready to take your helping skills to the next level?

Join the 5,000+ Arizonans that have attended Military/Veteran Resource Navigation training, conducted by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families. This training equips you with the basic tools to be an open door and connect people to Be Connected. 

Navigator training is held regularly (usually at locations around the state and currently online due to COVID-19). Learn more and join a navigator training today. 

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Be Connected and are provided in partnership by:
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Special thanks to the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family for their partnership and support.

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