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Career navigation connects career seekers with support and career opportunities. The career navigation team works in partnership to provide end-to-end support for all career seekers and employers, with the goal of the best possible matches to benefit both parties and Arizona’s overall workforce. The goal is to complement and extend the resources and support provided by other military, government and community workforce programs. 

Career Seekers

The career navigation team is available to support all military-connected career seekers, no matter your current situation, goals and timelines. This includes service members who are 1-2 years way from separation and pursuing SkillBridge or career placements, students still pursuing their education, spouses ready for the next steps in their career, veterans in later stages of their life and careers and more!

Service Members

Transitioning service members as well as dual career Guard and Reserve members.


Those who have served in the military, inclusive of era, time since separation and discharge status.

Family Members

Immediate and extended family members who are pursuing new opportunities.


Military-connected students who are preparing for a career search now or in the future.

How does the career navigation team provide support to career seekers? This is the career navigation journey:

  • Engagement – The career seeker is connected to the career navigation team.
  • Discovery – The team provides support for figuring out the career seeker’s next steps, timeline and options.
  • Support – Additional support is available to discover and address all of the possible areas of need and social determinants of health that can affect a person’s ability to secure and maintain a position. 
  • Empower – The team provides guidance on all the tools available and empowers the career seeker to use those tools to pursue their career goals.  
  • Preparation – The career seeker prepares for placement by pursuing opportunities, with matching support by the team.  
  • Placement – Once the right match and placement is secured, the career seeker begins the new position. 
  • Follow up – The team is available for ongoing support now and into the future.

At any time the career seeker is ready to continue advancing their career or ready for a new direction, they can begin the process again by engaging. 

To get started, complete a Career Seeker Inquiry form today!


Just as important as our career seekers are their destinations…public and private sector employers. The career navigation team is here to support employers so they are best equipped to recruit, hire and retain service members, veterans and their family members.

Many employers see the benefit of hiring from this pool of candidates but may not have the knowledge or experience on how best to optimize their recruiting, hiring and retention. The career navigation team provides support through training, technical assistance and matching with career seeker candidates.

An Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer recognition event in early March 2020.

Public and private sector employers can also join the more than 200 organizations that have earned the voluntary Arizona Veteran Supportive Employer designation. 

To engage as an employer, complete an employer inquiry form or schedule time with our team to learn more. 

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