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Connecting helpers to new and ongoing service opportunities with Be Connected and our partners.​



We know community helpers are essential to effective upstream prevention and the Ecosystem of support.

Historically ACMF has relied on an informal network of community helpers. We provide basic training and they help spread the word about our mission to the community and connect people to Be Connected. We have trained 5,500+ people in resource navigation and 60,000+ people in military/veteran culture since 2009.

Our Goals

  • We will focus on creating a CONNECTED, EQUIPPED and SUPPORTED community that has as many open doors as possible.
  • We want to better understand the breadth and depth of how community helpers assist service members, veterans and their families. 
  • We will create a formalized system of different levels of helpers. 
  • We will maintain a base level similar to what we have now and provide clear pathways to engage further.
  • We will incentivize and recognize those volunteers who want to do more.
  • We want to create an activatable network statewide to support existing and new projects and initiatives (both internal to ACMF/BC and from our partners).

You, the community member, are the only one who can reach your specific network of people. Be the most EQUIPPED you can be to help. Increase your knowledge, skills and confidence.  Join the BCCC community and contribute to the ecosystem. You are important to the ecosystem. You can help it thrive and be effective. Together we will CONNECT every service member, veteran and their families to the SUPPORT, resources and community they need.

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Special thanks to the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family for their partnership and support.

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