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Ensuring that basic daily needs are met, including food security, affording housing, meaningful employment and healthy relationships and support systems are in place.

Basic Needs

 Putting food on the table, making sure you have a safe place to sleep, and covering utility costs can be a challenge if income is not keeping pace with the cost of living. This type of stress can cause a myriad of problems, from feeling irritable, sad, or more anxious than usual, to more serious issues like depression, addiction issues and even thoughts of suicide. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help address your situation.

 Alleviating the immediate needs is the first priority. After the most urgent needs are addressed, it is time to take control of the situation and discover long-term solutions to the underlying issues that are causing a disparity between income and basic living expenses.

Addressing the financial situation is only part of the solution. It is also necessary to invest in your well-being and mental health. While addressing the immediate financial needs will provide relief, finding long-term solutions will improve your financial, mental and physical health.

You’re not alone. Help is available from people who care about you and will connect you to the appropriate available resources.

Asking for help can be difficult and stir up feelings of shame, guilt, and fear of judgment. It can be easier to keep issues hidden and not ask for help until the situation worsens. Be Connected can provide a safe space where you can feel comfortable asking for help. We know it can be an emotional time and will work with you from a place of empathy.


Basic Needs FAQs

If someone is struggling, they could seek assistance from social service agencies that offer a ‘needs assessment.’ A needs assessment is designed to determine which areas of a person’s life are impacted. Be Connected offers a needs assessment by caring, skilled and trained staff and can Connect Arizona service members, veterans, families to information, support, and resources. Please call Be Connected at 866-4AZVETS (866-429-8387) for additional assistance.
Be patient. You won’t always know the whole story, and there may be reasons why they are finding it difficult to ask for help. Offer emotional support and reassurance. Let them know you care about them and inform them how to seek help when they’re ready. Look after yourself, and make sure you don’t become unwell yourself. There are many great ways to help people who are struggling to cover their basic needs. Helping to connect to available resources to alleviate immediate needs is usually the first step. It’s also important, however, to help people take control of their finances and resources. For example, Be Connected staff can help with a conversation or find a third party specializing in budgeting, money management, unemployment benefits, nutrition, cash or medical assistance to help prepare and plan for future needs.
Be patient, kind, and caring. You won’t always know the whole story, and people can feel embarrassed about their situation and asking for help. Instead, offer emotional support and reassurance. Let them know you care about them, and you are there for them.
Seeking help from trusted and vetted resources is the best option. Many governments, medical, nonprofit, and community-based agencies are governed by county and state health departments who can confirm the services they provide. Local crisis lines, community information and referral service lines can also provide referrals and offer information about the legitimacy of an organization. Be Connected uses a resource match tool to connect service members, veterans and family members to information and resources that best fit their situation. Please call 866-429-8387.

Many resources in the state of Arizona offer help, including community, government and military benefits. However, these systems can be complex and overwhelming to work through, especially when seeking a resolution to an immediate need.  Be Connected uses a resource matching tool to help find the right information and resources that best fit your situation. Please call 866-429-8387 for additional assistance.

The ten areas of focus include Basic Needs, Employment, Family & Social Supports, Finances & Benefits, Higher Education, Housing & Homelessness, Legal, Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Physical Health and Spirituality.

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